– for those who need to keep spinning

– for those who need to keep spinning

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So what is cycling really, besides a means get where one is going?

I’ve ridden for years, but have only more recently fallen into a state of cycling addiction.  I noticed over the years, the more I rode, the better I felt.  And so I kept on riding, mile after mile, day after day, year after year.

What ultimately culminated was an addiction. An addiction to feeling free. Free from thought, free from worry, free from the burdens of an overstimulated mind. Free to focus on the air, my breathing, my cadence, the burning sensation in my legs and the sights, sounds and smells of the road.

My bike has become my source of therapy, meditation, adrenaline and my sanctuary, and often just my preferred method of transportation.  My bike is all of these things wrapped into one glorious carbon and steel machine of sprockets, cogs and gears.

I have created as a resource for all who feel the same and happily take to the road.

Enjoy the ride.


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Update 31/10/2018 – my first blog posts are up.  I have finally finished the first few gear reviews, so they should be up as soon as the photos are complete.

stay tuned for more gear reviews – in the meantime check out the addiction cycing blog